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I got a text from my brothers wife Sailor asking me to come over as soon as i got out of school. when i got to there house i just let myself in and found Sailor sitting at the kitchen counter sipping on some coffee. we made some small talk and then i asked her what was wrong, she told me her and m brother were having a major problem and it could mean divorce. i asked what was going on and she said they had been trying to get pregnant but my brother had to low of a sperm count and it would probably never happen. they both really wanted kids and sailor was willing to compromise with adoption or a sperm donor. my brother was having none of it, he said it would have to be his actual dna in the baby or he wouldn't want it. i told her how sorry i was about all that, i loved her as much as my brother because of how long they had been together. i asked her if there was anything i could do and with a hesitant voice she said yes. i told whatever she need i was here for her, she said since i look just like my big brother that maybe i could be her sperm donor and my brother would never have to know. i was shocked to say the least and asked if she was serious, she said yes and kinda started begging. i told her i needed a minute to think and after a minute i said yes. i asked her what the first step would be and she said she needed to get a sperm sample form me then she would have it checked by her doctor to make sure i had a high count. she came me a specimen cup and told to go relax in her bedroom and cum in the cup, i was super uncomfortable but i agreed and went off to the bedroom. after a few minutes of trying i called for sailor, once she came in i told her i just couldn't do it and that it felt to weird. she started begging me again saying she needed this to save her marriage and asked if there was anything she could do to help? i didn't really know what she had in mind till she grabbed my dick and started masturbating me. having my brother wife milk me for my sperm was so hot that before long i gave her a big sample. she said she would have her doctor run the tests and get back to me, i cant wait to hear from her! This is part 1 of Impregnating My Older Brothers Wife, this series stars Sailor Luna. This is a POV Taboo Milf Impregnation Cheating Cuckold CFNM Handjob Scene.

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