Lovely Lilith [ManiVids] - Genie Grants 3 Wishes


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Hello, master! You've rubbed my magic lamp, and now I may grant you 3 wishes! What would you like for your first wish? A.... a what? You want a bigger cock? By that, I imagine you don't mean "chicken"... Okay. Well, that's not the MOST unusual wish I've granted.... There! You have a bigger...cock... What would you like to have for your second wish? Excuse me?... you want me to.... have bigger tits? Uh... Okaaaay... How much bigger? THAT much bigger? You do realize how cramped it is in that lamp, right? Ok, ok... There! I have bigger breasts now! What would you like for your final wish, master? Infinite wishes? Sorry... that's against the rules! However, if I might persuade you... especially now with my nice large breasts... what if I instead give you the strongest orgasm of your life... and you use your final wish to set me free? Would you like that? Do we have a deal

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