Ginary [ManiVids] - Nikki Inflates Pandora To Be Chubby GF


Download Ginary - Nikki Inflates Pandora To Be Chubby GF
Sexy girlfriends, Nikki Brooks and Miss Pandora, lay in the bed cuddling and rubbing all over each other. They talk about Nikki’s exes being bigger girls, and that Pandora is actually her first skinny girlfriend. They come up with an idea to pump Pandora up with air, and make her chubby like Nikki’s exes. Nikki shoves a giant tube in Pandora’s mouth, and Pandora starts to grow bigger and bigger! Pandora’s belly gets so big - it looks like it’s going to POP! Nikki gets worried, and starts to freak out - then leaves Pandora by herself to explode all alone. Nikki is so filled with guilt, she fills herself up with air next to join her beloved Pandora! (Custom Clip. Interested in commissioning a custom clip with Nikki or Pandora? Email us today.)

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