EroticaBabes [ManiVids] - Michelle Monaghan suspended frustration


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Michelle is nude and has her wrists tied up above her head. She is trying to break free from the rope and swings and thrashes about trying to loosen the binds on her wrists. Her boobs swing, bounce and jiggle as she moves. There's some super slow motion sequences too where you get to see her body shake and move. The ropes are very tight and she's not going to get away, but that does not stop her from trying. The camera angles are wide and close up throughout the scene so you get to see her massive natural boobs bounce and sway about, and her expression as she gets annoyed and frustrated. Every now and again she stops to catch her breath and then starts again as swinging and wiggling the rope. Her body is superb and you get to view it from normal view and low down looking up her body as well as from up high and looking down on her. Michelle finally decides after lots of struggling that she is not going to get free and realises that she is tied up until she is set free

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