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Michelle is dressed in lingerie laying on a chaise longue. She notices a small compact camera and decides to start to use it, taking snaps of herself as she poses. She loves the resulting images that appear, you get to see them too! To start with most of her pictures are headshots, but after a while she's starts to shoot her cleavage. This gets her rather aroused and horny. You can see her caressing her boobs and getting turned on. She continues to take photos, and turns her attention to her pussy and boobs. The amount of photos she is taking slows down as she starts to undress and take out her boobs. With her bra off and her massive juggs out, Michelle carries on taking photos of her boobs. She then starts on her knickers. Lifting them up to shoot down them. She slides her hand into her knickers and starts to play with her pussy, still taking the odd picture as she does. After a while she removes her knickers and takes some close up shots of her pussy. The camera is put aside as Michelle now needs to satisfy her urges. She rubs her clit and pussy lips hard, shaking her boobs as she rubs backwards and forwards to an orgasm

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