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Jaye Rose is going to do some exercises in her private gym. She is nude apart from a pair of pumps on her feet. She explains the importance of doing some stretches before starting any strenuous exercise. Laying on her back, with her legs open she stretches her legs. You can clearly see she's turned on by this as her pussy is wet and creamy. She moves onto all fours and pushes her ass towards you. Again more stretches and shaking to get those muscles warmed up. There's some slow motion sequences of her wobbling her ass in this position. Whilst down on all fours she does some leg stretches which gives a great view of her pussy and her boobs as they hang down. Jaye then stands up and does a final shake down. Shimmy and shaking her boobs and hips. There's some more slow motion in here too. Now it's hula hoop time. The scene is filmed with two cameras, a close up and medium wide shot. We cut between the two viewpoint throughout the video. Jaye is rather good with the hoop. We swap between normal speed and slow motion. She chats to you as she does this. There's some bending down to pick up the hula hoop. You soon get to enjoy Jaye's chatter and infectious giggle and personality. She bends over and we get super close up shots of her ass and pussy. She turns around and we get a view from the back. Slow and normal speed are used here. Jaye takes a short rest and stretches again on the floor. She then gets back to more hula hoop action after another shake down. You can see the hoop pulling into her flesh as she keeps it up in the air and moving it around her belly and hips. The hoop drops and Jaye Rose lays on her back on the floor with her legs open and tells you to come back next time for a different type of exercise

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