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Ellie Roe is packing her suitcase for her travels. The two camera angles focus low down and we concentrate on Ellie's ass and thighs for the whole scene. Ellie is wearing a knickers and bra lingerie set. She bounces and moves about the bed making her thighs and ass wobble and jiggle as she moves. There's some slow motion sequences in the scene too. A lovely segment where Ellie is brushing her shoes before putting them in the case and we focus on her massive natural boobs bouncing about in her bra as she brushed the shoes with her hand. Marvellous. She continues packing and pacing around the bed to collect items of clothing to put into the case. The case starts to get full so she needs to push it down to make more space. This vigorous effort makes her body jiggle about she moves. She finally gets to the end of packing and has to sit on the case to make it shut

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