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See if you can last the 13 minutes with Ellie. I bet you can't. In this video Ellie is trying out some new boxing gloves. She starts off wearing a night shirt, not ideal for boxing and she soon discovers that it cramps her style and stops her from doing her moves. So she removes it. The remaining 90% of the video is Ellie in the nude! Marvellous. She spends the entire video bouncing about, throwing punches like they do when they are shadow boxing. She is active and you get to see her boobs bouncing and jiggling as she moves about and punches. She also punches her boobs and ass now and again. At the end of the video we have added a long sequence of slow motion, so you get to relive those moves again in slow motion. Her flesh is wobbling, jiggling, bouncing and moving about. There are two cameras capturing this action, both are HD 1080p shot at 50FPS and slowed half speed to the normal 25FPS for the slow motion sequence. It is one of our best clips which will get you going. Ellie is all natural and even has a bush. She looks lush as she moves, bounces and wobbles her stuff. We are going to try and get nude boxing in as an Olympic sport, Ellie would win we think.

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