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We love Danielle, she looks so sweet and innocent, but yet she's not! In this scene she is standing in the bath in a pale blue silk lingerie bra and panties. She caresses her body and then takes the position to have a pee. We get in close with the camera to see a massive stream of pee appearing from behind the fabric. It spills through the material which instantly starts to show the wetness, the sound it great too, the pee splattering into the bath and making that lovely splashing sound. The damp patch starts to run up her panties. She stops and turns around showing her ass and then lets out another long stream. This time some runs down her inner thigh as well as from her panties. once she's finished she turns back around and plays with her now soaking panties. Rubbing her hands over them and caressing them. Lifting her leg and showing her damp patch. Her wet legs have streams of pee running down them. She removes her panties and steps out of them. Boy are they wet! She brings them up to her boobs and shows you them. We then leave her to clean up

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wet & messy blonde pee close-ups satin panties