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We can't get enough of Charley on our treadmill. Her she starts off in her gym top and bottoms and is barefoot. She starts with some gentle stretches and then starts the treadmill off at a slow walking pace. She start to increase the speed to a faster paced walk. We have 2 camera angles on Charley and cut between the viewpoints as she works out on the treadmill. Every now and then Charley increases the speed until she has a fast paced walk. She is striding into it, swinging her arms and getting a nice rhythm. We give you a bit of slow motion so you can see her ass working away in those jogging bottoms. A little more pace and Charley is really striding out, some more speed on the treadmill. Oh no Charley is getting hot! She slows the machine down and takes the straps off her shoulders to get some air into her upper body. It's still not enough, the top come down even more to reveal those gorgeous tits. They spill out of the top and we slow the motion down so you can see them bounce, jiggle and sway. Back to normal speed and Charley has sped up the treadmill. Her tits are really bouncing around now. A view from the side, a view from the back we move around so you get to see her tits doing their thing! Charley slow the machine again and brings it to a stop. She steps out from her leggings, she is nude underneath those leggings. With just her top around her middle Charley speed the machine back up again as her focus on her tits and ass as she gets them wobbling and bouncing along. Oh that ass looks divine, those tits bounce like the are being mounted. Tits then ass, ass then tits, you don't know what to look at. We slow the motion down so you can concentrate on her ass as she strides out in her walk. Normal speed again and it's those boobs we look at, then back to her ass. This really is a feast for the eyes and we're only 09:00 mm:ss in. More slow motion and look at those boobs bounce and move about as she is walking, they look fabulous from the side on view in slow motion. Then it's a normal speed side on view of her ass. Charley speeds up the machine even more, really pacing forward and taking long strides. We show you this slowed down again so you can see her hips and ass moving. See exercise can be fun, we could watch this all day. Charley finishes her walk with some bending and stretching exercises. Before walking off camera. 13 minutes of pure joy

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