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Ashleigh Doll is 8 months pregnant and trying out our Andrews Cross. We have some restraints that we're going to use on her. The video was shot with 2 HD DSLR cameras, one medium wide and one close up, the video cuts between these two views throughout the scene. The scene starts off with us viewing Ashleigh as she is standing against the cross, at 01:35 MM:SS we cut to see that she has ankle restraints on and cannot now move her legs. We pan up and down her body taking in her massive swollen belly and large natural tits. She looks are the camera and we notice on the floor there are more things to be added. At 02:40 MM:SS we find that both her hands have been strapped to the cross. Ashleigh is not happy and tries to pull herself free. We scan up and down her body with the camera and she looks so sexy and hot. Those boobs and large swollen nipples need some attention we feel. At 04:15 MM:SS we have attached nipple sticks to her nipples. Her swollen tits really show off the sticks and she struggles and moves about bouncing her tits and making the sticks wobble. The nipple sticks are pushed on hard and have grabbed a large amount of tit flesh, Just right for nibbling and sucking. The video is shot in HD 1080p.

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