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Ariel is trying out our powerplate. She thinks is will shake off the fat and cellulite back into the atmosphere. She chats to you and how the powerplate feels, although she is convinced to begin with that her body is rock hard and there is no jiggling or wobbling. The opposite is true, all of her body jiggles, vibrates and quivers on the powerplate. Try as she might she can't stop the wobble. Ariel shows you facing forward and rear facing. Her thighs, ass, pussy, boobs wobble like crazy. This is on the lowest setting too! Ariel turns up the speed and really gets her body wobbling and jiggling. Every part of her is shaking and vibrating. We move in close on her ass and her pussy. You can clearly see her pussy lips shaking like crazy. In fact Ariel rather likes this, she comments on the fact that she could reach an orgasm whilst exercising, this is her type of fitness regime. Ariel placed her finger onto the clit and against her already pulsating pussy and it's not long before she lets out a shriek as she reaches an orgasm. She laughs and even her voice is like a tremolo when she speaks. She loved it! The final section of the video is in slow motion slowed down by 75% normal speed. The quality and lighting of the slow motion sequences is top quality, as it the rest of the scene. It was shot with two high end 4K HD cameras, it is a joy to watch.

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