EroticaBabes [ManiVids] - Anastasia Lux tied and struggling


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Anastasia Lux has been tied up against a metal bed headboard. She has her wrists tied and her ankles too. The whole clip is her struggling to break free from her binds. She is nude apart from a white blouse which is unbuttoned and exposes her huge natural breasts. The scene was filmed with 2 cameras, one framed wide and the other one moves around for closer framed shots. The ropes are tight and as much an Anastasia struggles she cannot loosen the binds. Her boobs sway and bob about as she pulls on the ropes. There are slow shots of her bare feet and painted toenails with the ropes around her ankles. Anastasia's thick thighs look gorgeous as she shakes and kicks her legs. Great picture quality to this video and sound too. There is someone hammering something in the distance which can be heard in the background now and again towards the end of the audio, not really that distracting but worth mentioning. Anastasia finally gives up after her struggle and has to wait to be released from the rope bondage.

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