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We see that Anastasia is in rope bondage, nude underneath and wearing a chest harness and crotch tie. She is standing up against a wall and starts to massage, jiggle and bounce her boobs. She gives you great eye contact as she plays with her large natural boobs. She then turns around to show her ass. She shows her butt cheeks and the rope going through her legs. She bounces her ass and wobbles it. We show this at normal speed and in slow motion. There are 2 camera angles in this scene, a close up and a medium wide, we swap between the two viewpoints throughout the video. The slow motion sequences are all on the close up camera. She wobbles her ass, spanks it playfully every now and again. She then turns back round and leans over to dangle her boobs. Again more slow motion sequences mixed in with normal speed allow you to see and hear her boobs clapping together and jiggling. Anastasia then dribbles spit onto the boobs and nipples. You see the drool hanging from her lips and she slaps her boobs together. This is also in slow motion and normal speed. You can hear her boob flesh smacking together. She smiles at you as she continues to bounce and play with her tits. They make a great sound as she slaps them together. We spend lots of time looking at Anastasia's boobs as she plays and slaps them together. More spit and they get wet and slapped together again. Then she bounces up and down on the spot, her boobs slap against her chest making a great sound. You hear and see this again in slow motion and normal speed. She knows how to turn a person on. She has a wet cleavage from all the spit, and it makes a great sound as she slaps her tits together. She plays with her nipples, licking her fingers and rubbing her wet finger on her nipples. She kneads her boobs and jiggles them about. It's all about the boobs. Big, heavy natural boobs with large nipples. A delight to see and hear as they bounce and jiggle. We end with Anastasia looking directly at the camera, kissing each boob in turn as we fade to black

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