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Anastasia Lux is getting a party ready for her friend. She needs to blow up some balloons. She is wearing a blouse and nothing else in this scene, however there is no real display of nudity as she is concentrating on blowing up balloons. She sits down and starts to pump up the balloons with a hand pump. She says beforehand that she's not done this sort of thing before so probably won't be very good. Still she keeps going bless her. There are two camera angles in this scene, a close up and a wide shot. We swap between the two views throughout the video. Anastasia successfully blows up her first balloon and then struggles to tie the balloon off, mainly due to her long fingernails. She chats to you as she does this, about how it's not going to plan. Will the birthday girl get her balloon tied off? Yes! One done, loads more to go. She then picks up a long thin yellow balloon that you can use to make shapes and animals from. She pumps this up with ease and ties off the end. She then starts to make something with the balloon by rotating and twisting the balloon. There's some great sounds from the balloon as she pulls, twists and tugs it. You soon discover that balloon shapes is not one of Anastasia's strong points. But she does not give up! Then it's onto the third balloon. More pumping with the hand pump as she fills the next balloon with air. We get in close and low down so we see the balloon filling up. Then the tricky part, tying off the balloon, success, much easier this time. Three balloons and counting... we leave Anastasia at this point

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