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Adreena has received a request for a custom video for some booty shaking. She admits right off the bat that she's never had to do that before and therefore does not know if it's a skill she possesses. She is on the bed in a green lingerie set of bra and panties and a pair of black court shoes, she stays in this costume for the duration of the scene. She states she's going to do a little practise to see how things go. She turns around and explains her thought process as she starts to shake her ass. Firstly from side to side, she states she's not sure she can twerk. Laughing as she goes. It's a very entertaining intro and you get to see the real Adreena. She shakes her ass on all fours and then stands up on the bed. The scene is shot with two cameras, one closer in and one set to a medium wide framing. Both camera are DSLR HD and the audio quality is crisp and clear. We show you her ass in slow motion at 01:40 MM:SS as she practises wobbling and jiggling. She pulls her cheeks apart with her hands. She decides it's easier on all fours and returns to that position. She wobbles and shakes her ass and grabs her butt with her hand. She works out that slow doesn't work, it needs to be fast. She wonders how fast she can go and gives it a good wobble. She laughs and giggles as she wobbles. At 03:38 MM:SS we slow the scene down again in slow motion so you can see her thighs and ass wobble at slow speed. We move the camera overhead to get a birds eye view of her ass wobbling and shaking. Her tattoos give a great reference point for how much movement she is able to get when she twerks. She works through a range of approach and techniques to see which ones work and which ones do not. At 05:34 MM:SS there a wonderful slow motion sequence where the camera is side on and in close so you get to marvel at her shapely figure and she moves it, we then cut to a wide while still in slow motion. Then it's back to normal speed. Oh the joy of seeing Adreena play with her ass and jiggle her butt cheeks with her hands. She is keen as mustard and keeps going and trying new ways. She wants to do a good job. At 07:35 MM:SS she says she has just about got the hang of it. I'd say, her ass looks awesome as she bounces it up and down on the bed and her thighs respond to her movements. Marvellous.

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