AglaeaGroup [ManiVids] - Blowpop Kissing


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Teeny teenagers Sophia and Skylar are in love with lollipops, and with kissing each other. They snuggle up on their bed with legs intertwined and their pretty lips on their red blowpops. Yummy! They gaze into each other's eyes as they seductively lick their lollipops, then link lips to taste the lollipop on one another. When Sophia and Skylar get to the middle of their blowpops, they enjoy chewing their bubblegum and blowing bubbles. Small bubbles, big bubbles, and loud bubbles. They pull the bubblegum out of their mouths and twirl it on their fingers, stretching it to make better bubbles. After the sweet treat, Sophia and Skylar snuggle even closer and kiss to cap off a fun make out session.

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lesbians teens (18+) lollipop lickers blowing bubbles bubble gum