AglaeaGroup [ManiVids] - Balloon Bath With Bodacious Babes


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Babes Lilly Swagg and Nicole Malice love to bond as they blow up colorful balloons in the nude in their inflatable pool.  They stretch the balloons, enjoying the feel of the latex, then blow air into their balloons before giggling as they slowly let the air out with swooshing noises.  They blow and release, blow and release, until they are ready to tie their inflated balloons up and hop on them!  It has turned Lilly and Nicole on so much to blow up their balloons that they want to grind their wet pussies all over their newly-inflated balloons while blowing up still more balloons.  They both ride their balloons with gusto until they each get off on the sensation, then take a few more moments to enjoy the very unique sounds of rubbing and stretching their balloons.

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